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Ajwa -This is a combination of the soft and dry variety, sweet to eat and smooth in the mouth. These dates are known to have healing properties, and, in a hadith, the prophet is reported to have said that having seven ajwa dates in the morning protects a person from magic and poison until the evening

Anbara These large dates are a favorite due to their big, fleshy form and small seed. They’re also one of the most expensive varieties! They’re sweet, brown and full of protein

Safawi These black dates are sweet, fleshy and packed with vitamins. They are soft and cultivated in Madinah. These dates are known for their healing properties. If eaten on an empty stomach, they kill stomach worms. They’re also famous for their high mineral content

Barhi These are yellow and crunchy. The ripe date tastes like caramel and brown sugar. It’s sweet, like most dates, and totally worth it. These creamy dates are really delicate and often sold while they’re still on the thin branches. These seasonal dates can be frozen and stored for months

Saghai These crisp dates are cultivated in Riyadh. They are usually brown, and light yellow at the tip. They’re wrinkled but don’t flake, and are definitely must-haves!

Khudri These dark brown dates are dry and sweet. They have wrinkled skin and may be either large or small. They’re one of the most exported dates because of their freshness and reasonable prices. They are one of the best dates to go for if you want to refresh and energize

Sukkari These are crisp and really sweet; a quality which gives them their name. These are known for their healing and nutritious properties. They lower cholesterol, prevent tooth decay and also help get rid of fatigue. These are cultivated in Al Qaseem region

Zahidi These golden, oval dates have a firm texture and nutty taste. They have thick skin, are semi dry and less sweet than other dates. They are high in fiber.

Mejdool These are known as the ‘Queen of Dates’. They have a large, cushiony texture, strong and sweet flavour. They’re really popular in America and are often used in making shakes and smoothies. They’re usually available year round.

Kholas Kholas is considered as a quality dates that has significantly higher contents of sugar and selenium and energy value than the other varieties. It is an average-sized variety of reddish dark brown in colour, moist and sticky. The flavour of fleshy Khalass is hearty and it taste like butter-caramel.

Deglet Noor A semisoft date, degletnoor is the variety most often available and accounts for 95 percent of U.S. production. It has firm flesh and a color range from light red to amber.

Rabbi This is a kind of dates which are soft, dark brown in color and long in size. This date is semi-dried with moisture under %15. Shelf life is about one year at the room temperature under interim fumigation

Mazafati It is also called the Bam date is a cultivar of the date. It is grown in southern Iran, mainly in Bam,Mazafati Dates are fresh, Sweet, Meaty with high shelf life. Iran is one of main supplier and main exporter of Organic Mazafati date in Iran and the world. It has special features in Growing, Moisture, Color, Taste, Shape, Size, shelf life, Harvesting Time, and etc

Dabbas Dabbas in Arabic means “honey date”. Cultivated mainly in Liwa for more than 300 years, it does not give good yield, quality and size in other parts of the UAE

Fard It is another popularly consumed date variety in the UAE and Oman. Its colour is dark brown, small in size and roundish. These dates are very sweet.

Khenaizi Khenaizi dates are of medium size and dark brown in colour. They are also soft and highly sweet and slightly different in taste from Khalass.

  Lulu dates are brownish in colour. They contain higher amount of sweetness and normally consumed in dry stage.

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